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25/03/2017: My website of Dungeon of BURGUNDY.

Dungeon of CANNES
The dungeon of Cannes is currently closed. It will be open from September 24 to October 6.

Mistress Danielle is in Burgundy until September 20th.
She receives you in his house north between Macon and Tournus.

Grouped sessions: "September 11 and 19 with the presence of a couple with Dominant Madam".
Training course over two days.
SISSY ROOM (room for cross-dressing).

- Opening of a SISSY ROOM at the Burgundy Dungeon

- Addition galery "Galerie 11, Romie" in "Photos and videos > Domination"

- For training courses, WRITE your request via the contact form "Contact me"

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